Israeli spying, Uighur manufacturing, California wildfires, Chinese Africa hack

Israeli spying, Uighur manufacturing, California wildfires, Chinese Africa hack

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Dec 20

Police Spying on Israelis Online via Secret Backdoor

Haaretz citing internal documents.

The police require internet and cellphone providers to give them access to the online data of any website or anyone in Israel, documents obtained by Haaretz and confirmed by sources with knowledge of the technology and its inner workings revealed.

China’s Oppressed Uighurs Made COVID-19 Protection Sold Throughout Europe

OCCRP citing communication between companies about Uighur workers.

According to documents obtained by reporters, OneMed contacted Hubei Haixin with concerns about Uighur workers in January, and the Chinese factory promised to return them to their homes in Xinjiang at the end of their contract in March. But in reality, the factory continued to employ them until this September, claiming that pandemic movement restrictions prevented the workers from going home.

As California’s wildfire crisis exploded, the state assigned 30 officers to follow a suspected arsonist and blend into his community

The San Francisco Chronicle citing arson reports and interview logs.

The investigator did not find things he often found in other investigations — no spent firecracker or cigarette butt, no runaway campfire, no sign of a lightning strike or metal from a vehicle scraping on asphalt. His examination of the second fire down the highway would turn up little more. On his forms, Thompson twice marked, “Undetermined.”

But the investigator had a strong hunch. The timing of the two fires, so close together, was a hallmark of a category he knew well.

Serial arson.

Suspected Chinese hackers stole camera footage from African Union

Reuters citing an AU internal memo. 

“We cannot estimate the quantity and value of the data which have been stolen,” the memo continued, adding that while AU technicians had managed to interrupt the flow of data, the hackers could easily regain the upper hand.

“We are still weak to prevent another attack,” the memo said.